RIP-V | Montreal, Quebec

How it's made

We receive our raw material (a special blend of PVC) in pellet form in large,
2200 pound containers.

We pour the vinyl in a funnel which feeds a steam-heated extruder. The melted vinyl then form into a hockey puck, called a biscuit.

The biscuit is brought forward to the press, sandwiched (are you hungry yet?) between the a and b-side labels and then pressed to form the record. The music is now on the vinyl. Once pressed, the record is cooled for 10 to 15 seconds while still in the stampers.

The excess vinyl squeezed out of the press, or flash, is removed by an automated blade.

The records are then stacked on a spindle, and while ready to play, we let them cool for 24 hours before final assembly.

From this moment to delivery, everything is done manually. The records are checked one by one before sleeving (by Martine) and are then shrinkwrapped (by Pablo) and stickered and boxed (by Kevin)