RIP-V | Montreal, Quebec

Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended amount of music on each side ?
33 RPM : maximum 21-22 minutes, ideal : 12-14 minutes
45 RPM : maximum 15 minutes, ideal : 9 minutes

Can I come and pick up my records myself ?
Yes, we’ll be happy to meet you.

Do you provide barcodes ?
No, you have to include it yourself in the jacket’s design.

Do you provide download cards ?
No but we can refer you to Dropcards in the States or Umen Digital in Montréal

Will you press our records if you don’t have all the graphics in hand ?

Do you have plain black or white jackets ?
Yes, ask for a price.

Do you press records for American labels ?
Absolutely, and we can take care of all shipping and customs issues.

Do you pass artistic judgement on the music you press ?
Of course not…

Do you own an iPod ?