RIP-V | Montreal, Quebec

Check list

Here are a couple of things to think about when you decide to go forward with a vinyl project.

Quantity: RIP-V presses a minimum of 300 black records or 500 colored. The more you press the better the prices are…

Quality: You must decide if you want a regular weight record or high quality heavy weight (180 grams). The heavy weight is of course of better quality and sound.

Labels: We must order a minimum of 500 labels. The more colors you have on it, the more expensive it gets.

Sleeves: RIP-V provides regular white sleeves with regular weight records ands poly-lined ones for the 180 gram. We can also provided printed ones.

Jackets: Our basic jacket is full color (CKMY) and we must order a minimum of 500. We can offer a great variety of options for jackets but the main ones are regular, gatefold or wide spine (for 2 records).

Download cards
Printed 11 x 11
Our clients provides us with whatever he wants inserted and we do so.

Shrinkwrap: Some of our clients prefer to have the records without it but must with it. It is included in the price of a heavy weight record and charged for regular weight.

Stickers: Clients can provide us with stickers or we have basic ones to your convenience.

Boxes: We suggest double boxing (12-15 records in a small box and 2 of those in one big)

Tests: Before pressing the order, we send out 10 copies that are called test pressings that must be approved by the client. Once approved, we proceed.

Bar code: If you plan on selling your records in store or the internet, a bar code is often required. We do not provide bar codes, it must be included in the jacket graphics.

Catalog number: Before the stampers are made, we will need a catalog number. Your choice. Ex. : BAR 321, 123456 ou S3DER45

Recommended music time: We do not recommend going over 21 minutes per side. The quality can suffer above that.

Master: For an ultimate vinyl experience, a vinyl mastering can be done. But some clients use the same master as for the cd. Your choice.